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This is fucking wrong - What, and who, is going down in Humboldt County. U [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
What, and who, is going down in Humboldt County. U

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This is fucking wrong [Oct. 1st, 2006|01:38 am]
What, and who, is going down in Humboldt County. U
Copied from Rants and Raves on Craigslist:

Here is my dilema. We have a person in our hood that routinely illegally dumps their cars on the street to have the EPD come & take them with no cost to him bot to our tax dollars. His brother works for a local towing outfit & he gets these junk cars from them. He messes with them. Cuts off their exhausts to annoy us neighbors & then he dumps them when they die. He never registers them so he free from liability & a paper trail.The EPD refueses to do anything. A Neighborhood Law enforcement official (Not EPD) can't do anything either even though he's had a discussion with him.

What I wish to do is to post his current dumped car(s) on this section of Cl Along with his street address & a picture of his daily ride to shame this white trash family into taking some action and stop this dumping in out neighborhood. I have no names. I do know that he is 20 something & his mother that owns & lives at the property condones these actions.

The law is not doing anything to take care of the illegal dumping that they do (one car a month on average) even though I have pictures of these cars on their property before dumping even with him driving them. I have a CCTV in my Alley that moves to the motion and records activity for 30 minutes after last known movement.
3 weeks ago he dumpes a 64,65,66 mustang in the middle of the street & a week later he dumped a minitruck that is still there. Next on the dumping list is a white dodge neon.
My camera has about 6 hours of footage of him dumping his oils in the alley & that too won't be address by the EPD.

Can I shame here or should I buy a domain address to do it there.