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What, and who, is going down in Humboldt County. U

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Whats up the with sex offender thing? [Aug. 13th, 2006|09:04 pm]
What, and who, is going down in Humboldt County. U
Someone on the Rants and Raves was saying its illegal to harass a registered sex offender. What does that mean? They put their names and addys on the net, we know where they work. is it illegal to talk about them online? Go up to them and say something? Not that I want to do any of these things. I'm just curious about the law and too lazy to look it up.

From: kagekiss
2006-12-20 10:24 am (UTC)
They mean that you can't bug the crap out of them because of their crime...

You can't go around talking shit in a manner that would prevent them from leading a normal life, I.e. getting a job or being welcome at a business or public establishment, or creating an atmosphere of fear among your neighbors so the guy can't walk down the street without people pointing fingers and whispering.

Example: You're friends with the owner of a restaurant that is walking distance from both your houses so you make a point of mentioning to said friend that so-and-so is a dirty peeping tom (or whatever) so your friend 86es them (86 = never allowed back in the restaurant... ever) OR, you find out they applied to work at the local grocery store, so you strike up a conversation with a manager of the same nature; tipping them off that said dude is a pervert. Confronting them in hearing range of these business people so that a scene is caused is just as bad.

In other words, if they're out and about it means they already served their time and you are legally not allowed to "punish them further".
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